About Us

Zachary Webster

Zach has studied philosophy, politics and economics at UBC Okanagan.  Here he met Gillian, whose acquaintanceship turned quickly into a lifelong friendship.  During his studies, Zach discovered a passion for philosophy and decided to explore other options.  He completed his degree, traveled to Europe and Thailand, and worked for a “mom-and-pop” company from its near infancy until shortly after its purchase by a large corporation.  Taking those experiences and studying business at Okanagan College, his love of philosophy met both an interest in business and an intrinsic appreciation for education.   Together these pairings have led him to a life-long appreciation for learning and a career at Olds College in Olds, Alberta.

Zach has been writing as a hobby for several years.  Primarily his writing is in fiction and auto-biographical narrative.  His artistic interest has included exploring collaborative art: independently created but mutually compiled and co-dependent, just as our lives tend to be in an age increasingly defined by social connectivity.  He hopes to explore the versatility of art and its ability to help us communicate important issues.  He endeavors to create work that inspires others to feel welcomed and included in it.

Zach’s main hub for his creative endeavors and musings can be found at http://rainandrepublic.wordpress.com/.
Zach is always interested in other art projects and is open to the potential of professional writing opportunities and can be contacted at zewebster@hotmail.com.


Gillian Berger

Gillian Berger has been practicing photography for many years.  Educated formally at UBC Okanagan in History, English and Education, Gillian was a teacher by profession and now works at FreshGrade, a student assessment software company.  She currently resides in Kelowna, BC.  She has undergone a number of difficult personal trials throughout her life that have sometimes seemed a constant source of emotional and physical frustration.  But these difficulties have only fueled her to accept herself for who she is, and to be fiercely passionate about that which is important to her.  Her family, friends, students and coworkers have all benefited from her sense of loyalty and dedication.

Gillian’s pursuit of photography has been both an experience in and record of growth.  What began as a hobby has slowly bubbled into a passion and now has ballooned into being a permanent part of her life and how she expresses herself.  Gillian has always endeavored to wear her heart on her sleeve.  As she goes through her life, her uncompromising desire to be genuine shines through in her art.  Her photography has become a purposeful and enriching source of expression as a result.

Gillian is available for professional photography and you can email her to discuss options, availability, etc, at: gillianberger@gmail.com.


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