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Let me write you a flower.

Posted: September 9, 2013 by Zachary in October 2010

Let Me Write You A Flower(Alternatively titled:  Get Well Soon)

Over a hill of cascading yellow crops, the ground is ablaze with colour.  This smile of nature reflects the sun, as a child’s reflects the beauty of his mother.  The gentle dips of the land are dimples of a young countryside.

We are not sick forever.  I would, could I offer a salve for your heart, give in abundance.  How much more your wretched body – the peevishly defiant thing.  Let me take you away.

That youthful ground is the perfect perch to see the clouds.  Gently expanding, floating effortlessly against a blue sky, they are an oasis of the Muse.  An upside-down ocean, the sky is married to the promise of adventure, and the birds sing.  Onward, clouds!  Hurry!  Enjoy our secret pleasures of speed and distance!  Travel the world!  But those gracious fluffy things simply laugh, and happily remain.  For where else will flying dreamers rest their feet?

I think your body learned its wry petulance from you.  Your spirit is ever a cheerful rebel; a sophisticated anarchist.  How could your body not sarcastically return what you offer in everyday osmosis?  Your rousing independence.  Forgive it, its sins.  It knows exactly what it does: its rallying cry is a confirmation of your strength and freedom.

And, like your soul, it will soften again.  You will not be sick forever.

Peeking through a kaleidoscope of cloud is the only way to enjoy the garden.  And this garden, through these cotton candy clouds, framed by a smiling landscape, offers honest beauty with no desire to compare.  Ornate gates offer entrance, though no fence exists to suggest otherwise.  A single rusted hinge squeals to the entrants declaring beauty in humor.  The inspired laughter of innocents inside also affirms the opposite.  Amidst a rainbow of colours and pathways, a single plaque on a lone pedestal offers a word:


Rest, and get well soon.